A healthcare system for a client in Spain. By providing a eco system for clinicts, hospital,

Executive Summary

A healthcare system for a client in Spain. By providing a eco system for clinics, hospital, patient and doctors, they quickly become....
- Manage the patient data for hospitals.
- User management and permission management to action level.
- Provide some features:
+ Draw the charts for Statistics with each field.
+ Filter the patient data by some criteria conditions.
+ Export data
+ Import data.
+ Report.
+ Monitor the patient data.
+ Notification.
+ Retrospective.
+ User can send the query on each field in each patient if he wonders something about the value of field.

4 Working Years

5/5 User Satisfaction Score

6 Team Size

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The system required to satisfy with all of the very strict certifications of Europe (UNE-ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 15504), related to keep the patient data secured. The system is audited annually by FDA and EU laws and regulations.

Our Solutions

Applying RSA to encrypt the sensitive data, set the particular privilege to the responsible person to access the data and have controlled on git repository to keep data secured.
Build a well-organized code structure, clean code and module oriented to make it more manageable and maintainable.


– Build products and features to meet the needs of customers
– Products have high stability, easy to use, convenient
– Increasing productivity of medical staff to more than 20%
– Satisfy the strict certifications from Europe.