Custom Software Development

19 years of experience with CMMi ML3 compliance
ensures high-quality delivery

Together with software application development, custom website design and mobile app development form the backbone services provided by QSoft Vietnam. We have been providing clients with more than 10,000 man-months of effort to develop various types of software applications. Leave your requirements to us and focus on your main business while we proactively turn your need into a working software.

Engineering Process

QSoft elicit software requirement


In the first stage, our team will discover, in detail, what you desire and what you wish to have in the product. Our business analyst and product consultant will work with all stake­holders in order to ascertain the product vision, product value proposition and to avoid misunderstanding of requirement which reduce unplanned costs that might be seen at later stage. We also help you to validate the concept, set clear expectations, and identify potential bottlenecks.


    • Internal system inspection
    • Market and competition study
    • Feasibility of business concept
    • Business modelling, workflow analysis
    • Multi-platform strategy development
    • Product roadmap creation
QSoft consult clients on software development


With 19 years of experience providing Custom Software Development service to customers world-wide, our knowledge base on different business domains is strong. Our backlog library consists of hundreds of thousands business use-cases that we already spent great deal of time digging out the goods, the bads; and experienced them in the real life applications through more than 800 projects. We consult you both economical and technological aspect of how your business model would work by drilling down into detail of every single feature. Above all, our estimation of cost and time for implementation is close to the reality that you can count on to control other plans together with software development process. You will benefit from:


    • Reference of real business use-case
    • Effort and Time from past projects
    • Similar successful engagement model
    • Detail work breakdown structure
    • Business modeling approach
    • Realistic plan and schedule
    • Variations of technical solutions
    • Different engagement model
QSoft designs software before development

Software architecture and UI/UX Design

At QSoft, we follow strictly design process in order to deliver safe, secured, scalable, high-performance and easy-to-use software that gives your users an astonishing experience from the very first second using your product. Great UX design not only highlights and promotes your product, but it also has become a key part of building and growing customer confidence. And QSoft’s approach in UI.UX Design is always to keep the user in the center throughout the design phase. From that, we aim to create a system: clean, simple, intuitive, flexible and engaging, and more, provide a WOW experience to your users and thus differentiate you from your competitors. Our process is as follows:


    • Software architecture design
    • UX Strategy development
    • Research and Discovery process
    • UX/UI Analysis
    • Sketch and Wireframe design
    • Design the user interface
QSoft develop high quality software

Development and Quality Assurance

Our design and development practices are aimed at producing maintainable, scalable, secured, and highly workable software applications. We adopt fully Agile/Scrum methodology for engineering process. This allows us to quickly adapt to change of requirement and promptly deliver business value to end-users. During the project implementation time, client always stays updated with the actual progress and collaborate with the team to respond to the feedbacks from end-users.

The quality assurance activities start at very early stage where we conduct inspection throughout the plan, written requirement document, software design document, etc. and go through to deployment phase when the application is deployed on live environment. A quality assurance plan can be tailored to suit each of the projects to ascertain the utmost satisfaction of end-users to the software product.

Our library of starter-kits, pre-tested modules, code generators save client from the risk of reinventing the wheel while working with common patterns and functions. The development of complex software applications has never been easier.

QSoft provides exceptional support service to client


We provide 3 months free-of-charge support for handling any programming problem from the live environment system. Our client will also benefit from the prompt response and support of the team with the plan of 24 hours feedback.

With a small subscription to system operation service, client can free hands from daily activities such as system monitoring, backup and restore, failure recovering, etc. It defines our end-to-end software development service.

Business Domains and Industries

We are familiar to a wide range of industries
QSoft develop banking and fintech software

Banking & Finance

Stock market trading platform; Blockchain application; Fintech software system.

QSoft develop health care software

Health Care

SaaS for drug trails; Remote doctors and medication; Electronic Medical Records system.

QSoft develop education software


Online learning system; University ERP; Education Games for Kids; Mental Buzzles & Education

QSoft develop logistic software


Logistic management system; Warehouse management system;

QSoft develop retail software

Retailer, B2B, B2C

Market-place solution; Omni-Channel management system; Integration of e-commerce, WMS and CRM.

QSoft develop real estate software

Real estate

Real estate management system; Interior design market-place; Sub-contractor management system.

QSoft develop travel software

Leisure & Travel

Travel portal; Tour booking; Social networks; Dating systems; Games; Music stores, Movie streamer.

QSoft develop utility software


Expenses management system; Custom sportware measurement & tailoring; Health params wareable devices.

Engagement Models

Dedicated team

In a dedicated team model, a team consisting of different roles such as Project Manager, Technical Leaders, Software Developers, Testers, QAs is offered to work on full-time basis and dedicated to client’s projects. Team members will be screened from various sources and assessed against job descriptions by QSoft before resumes being submitted to clients. All members will then be finally interviewed and accepted by client before starting the work.


  • Full control: Client can perform full control and management over the team, determine the workload; assign tasks to developers, etc…
  • Resource utilization: Client can use resources to work on different projects.
  • Monthly Payment: Client pays on monthly basis.
  • Scope flexibility: Requirements, scope of work, project’s priority can be changed any time.
  • Scalability: Team size can be easily increase or decrease upon prior notice.

Suitable for

  • Large, long-term or complex projects.
  • Projects are difficult to have an exact scope of work in detail in the beginning stage.
  • Having multiple projects at the same time.
  • Client prefers to closely monitoring of developers and project progress.
  • Need flexibility in extending existing development teams.

Fixed Scope Project

Basing on Clients and QSoft agreement on detail requirement for the system, technical solution with estimation for cost and timeline will be provided. Budget is subjected to change if new scope added to the requirement or change of agreed points.


  • Cost and timeframe are specified, and defined before from the start of the work on project and doesn’t change no matter how many engineers are involved.
  • Little supervision is required from the client, all requirements are defined beforehand.
  • Easy to follow the progress.

Suitable for

  • Small projects.
  • MVP version for Startup.
  • Requirement and technical documentation is already available.

Build, Operation, Transfer

Under this model, a plan to create an entity under client’s brand name from building team, operating the team to develop software, and transferring the ownership of the team to client in the future will be agreed and QSoft is the party to execute the plan on behalf of the client. This will be an open-book model where everything will be transparent to client from day one.


  • Save money, avoid the cost and work required to establish a legal entity in Vietnam.
  • Reduce initial overhead costs for administrative, accounting, and legal overhead to establish development team.
  • Save recruiting time and expenses to find qualified candidates.
  • Help product come to the market faster.
  • Minimize the risks.
  • Focus on main business.
  • Resources are ready from day one.
  • Operate under desired brand name.

Suitable for

  • Clients who have long-term plan for development strategy in Vietnam.
  • Company who wants to build its team in Vietnam but may not want to spend time or resources to establish an office, hire a team, operate at the beginning.