3D Body Scan for Tailoring Application

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Tablet application automatically extracts body measurement data

Our client is a sport event organizer in US. They wanted QSoft Vietnam to develop a system running on tablet to help them in a very specific job. An athlete can have the installed tablets to scan for body measurements at an event and have tailor-made sport-wear prepared specifically for him. Application outputs measurement data at high accuracy allowing custom fit for individual.

Project duration

Project duration: 12 months

Team Size

Team Size: 7

Satisfaction Score

Satisfaction Score: 93%

The Screenshots

Project challenges


  • The application must have outputted accurate measures to tailor sport-wear that does not affect performance.
  • Measures from different body parts had to be collected during a very short-time scanning with tablets.

How QSoft solves problems

Our Solutions

  • QSoft had to build 3D models to support measurement with biometrics studies by having our Business Analyst to work with experts in this field.
  • We organized development team to work as a lab to develop and try the products until it met the expected output of accuracy.
Project successful result


  • Project was completed within the scheduled timetable & budget.
  • Product is now used in some famous athletic events as a tool for marketing.