Gamification of Learning App for Kids

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Cross-platform gamification application for kids

Our client was a company providing interactive training methods and materials for kids at different ages. They sought for QSoft's support in developing a gamification of learning for kids under 5 to learn languages. The application was required to be extremely easy to use and available to run on different platforms, computers, tablets and phones.

Main features

Project duration

Project duration: 8 months

Team Size

Team Size: 10

Satisfaction Score

Satisfaction Score: 96%


Project challenges

  • Building mobile app for Kids requires strict rules obedience from Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Training content and lessons were frequently updated for different levels.
  • Extremely easy to use for kids in different devices.
  • Images, videos and sounds must be well processed and played-backed as game.

How QSoft solves problems

Our Solutions

  • To save time and cost in developing apps on different platforms we decided to build application using Cocos2DX, with Nodejs as the backend.
  • Our Business Analyst constructed the story boards and have requirement validated together with client and kids.
  • Project was developed in milestones and released to free users pool to test usability throughout the development time.
Project successful result


  • Apps was launched on time and serving up to one million users now.
  • Average rating on the App Store reached 4.6.
  • The product ran stably and smoothly, hand got good feedback from end-users.