High Quality I.T Resources On-Demand

Searching, recruiting and putting high quality I.T. resources at work is be- coming time-taking and challenging task these days. Losing talents has never been easier too, as chances are opened up to individuals to start their-own businesses or move to a competitor who offers better pay and more attractive environment.

How does your company sustain stable and skillful I.T. team effectively? Leave the risks to us and focus on your main operation.

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Executive Dashboard

A Business Solution for C-level and Other Top Executives

A never-seen-before service for C-level people in any corporations. The idea of this service is integrating several management systems including but not limited to HRM, CRM, WMS, billing and accounting, e-commerce, etc. into our system, allowing those systems to communicate and share data. On top of it, we add business intelligence in order to help C-level people enables insights into their business, assists them in manage busi-ness and visualizes the outputs.

  • Compatible to 170 systems
  • Integrates all types of data stores
  • With Microservice Architecture
  • Visualizing Business Process

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Business Domains
We are

Banking & Finance

Stock market trading platform; Hyperledger smart-contract application for retail banking, etc.


Online learning system, University ERP, Education Games for Kids, Mental Buzzles & Education

Retailer, B2B, B2C

Market-place solution; Omni-Channel management system; Integration of e-commerce, WMS and CRM; etc.

Leisure & Travel

Travel portal; Tour booking; Social networks; Dating systems; Games; Music stores, Movie streamer, etc.

Health Care

Health Care SaaS for drug trails, Remote doctors and medica- tion, Electronic Medical Records system, etc.


Logistic management system; Warehouse management system;

Real estate

Real estate management system; Interior design market-place; Sub-contractor management system, etc.


Expenses management system; Custom sportware measurement & tailoring; Health params wareable devices; etc.

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