Interactive Voice Response App

Software projects delivered by QSoft Vietnam

A Realtime Serverless Architecture Application for IVR system
Using React Native and Google Firebase.

Our client is a virtual network operator offering telephone, voice, and data communications services in Norway. They came to us and looked for a dedicated software development team to work as an expansion to their in-house IT division. In this project we provided a full team with Scrum Master, Business Analyst, Developers and Testers positions and worked under their management using Agile/Scrum methodology. Despite of being an in-house added team, we gradually gained trust and operated as a standalone remote software development squad. We collaborated with in-house development team to deliver the product at the expected level of quality and usability.

Project duration

Project duration: 15 months

Team size

Team size: 15

Satisfaction score

Satisfaction score: 95%

Product catalog

Project challenges


  • Client decided to use Server-less architecture which was very new at that time.
  • The app requires deep knowledge of SIP platform and WebRTC.
  • Performance is a main concern as the app will serves million of users.
  • Different timezone with 5 hours ahead may create issues for communication.

How QSoft solves problems

How we made it?

  • Agreed with the client at the very beginning on a detail SLA consisting of how to plan, communicate, build and manage work environment, maintain technical standards and processes, manage risks, and continuously deliver product.
  • Frequently conducted team process audit.
  • Built team around a good technical leader who had extensive experience on SIP and WebRTC
  • Constantly measure and improve against performance metrics
Project successful result

The result

The project started with team size of 5. After 3 months, client decided to increase to 9 and then 15 after 6 months. We collaborated with internal team and successfully built the app. The system is serving 3.3 million users in Norway.