Software projects delivered by QSoft Vietnam

Short video network platform

The client is a film producer in Korea looking to build a social networking system allowing users to upload short videos and share among each others. Main features of the system are:

Project duration

Project duration: 5 months

Team size

Team size: 9

Satisfaction Score

Satisfaction Score: 94%

The Screenshots

Project challenges


  • In-video like and comment.
  • Fast loading and playing back speed required.
  • Must handle 10.000+ concurrent users with video streaming.
  • Auto filter and monitoring content violation of uploaded videos.
  • Auto suggest videos basing on user’s behavior.
  • Korean language was used in all documentation, wireframes and designs provided by the client. System was built to support multi-languages.

How QSoft solves problems

Our Solutions

  • QSoft applied micro-service architecture to design different modules into separated services with different server environments having capability suitable to the task it handles.
  • We collaborated with Video processing experts from National University to develop a custom module handling in-video commenting and like.
  • A multiple staging environment was set to mimic live environment. QSoft conducted load testing and stress testing to measure the system capability when handling required load.
  • A communicator with excellent Korean skill was the helper with language barrier
Project successful result

The output

  • We managed to finish the project within the expected time & budget.
  • Product met client’s objectives. The average video page load time was 800 milliseconds with 10,000 concurrent users.