Remote Medical Support System

Software projects delivered by QSoft Vietnam

A health-care mobile app used in nursing house

Our client operated in health-care industry looking for QSoft's service in developing a software system to assist doctors and families in taking a great care for patients in nursing house. The system was required to run mostly in tablets and phones with live video call support.

Main functionalities

Project duration

Project duration: 8 months

Team Size

Team Size: 7

Satisfaction Score

Satisfaction Score: 95%


Project challenges


  • Application must have been very easy to used for elderly people.
  • Video calls must have been in high quality.
  • All data was supposed to be encrypted and stored under health-care best practices.

How QSoft solves problems

Our Solutions

  • QSoft applied Health Level 7 (HL7) v2 messaging for messaging specifications for patient administration, orders, results, scheduling, document management.
  • The system was well designed with large screened tablets allowing patients to interact easily with calls
  • A multi level role based system was design to allow family members of patient to join securely.
Project successful result


  • Application was launched within the scheduled timetable & budget.
  • Product met video conference call objectives allowing calls to run smooth among 3 parties.