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Digital transformation consulting and software development services

Our client is one of the largest book publishing company looking to implement digital transformation. QSoft provide consulting services and developed their software to realize their business objectives. Their eco-system was designed using micro-services architecture with Single-sign-on and API gateway so software can communicate. We implemented Business Intelligent software to support the higher management's decision making process.

Main scope of work

Project duration

Project duration: 24

Team Size

Team Size: 30

Satisfaction Score

Satisfaction Score: 96%

The Screenshots

Project challenges


  • Digital transformation requires human resources adaptability.
  • The eco-system is open enough to have more services integrated easily in the future.
  • Applications must have handled millions of users.

How QSoft solves problems

Our Solutions

  • QSoft provided necessary orientation and training to the client’s staffs
  • We applied Micro-services architecture to allow ease of integration and decoupling of development.
  • QSoft consulted and hand-on operated the system before gradually transferred them to the client.
Project successful result


  • The project was successful and client could have their existing software to work together with new one, creating a huge enterprise system that support their business.
  • Business intelligent software supported client’s decision makers well and they were going to be the biggest publisher thanks to digital transformation success.