News / UML and OOP analysis and design training course for software engineers

UML and OOP analysis and design training course for software engineers

On August 23, 2010, the training course on system analysis and design using Unified Modeling Language (UML) was officially kicked off at QSoft Vietnam.

UML is the standard language that enables modeling information systems promptly and visually. It is the most common system analysis and design tools nowadays. By mastering UML, different stakeholders in the same project can share and agree upon varied angles of product views, based on which the uniformity, quality and success of information systems are firmly assured.

With its human-centered policy, QSoft Vietnam always pays utmost attention on training and developing its human resources; creates the most favorable environment for each individual to develop themselves to the full. The Company has organized and a great number of training courses for its staffs, not only on technical and professional operations but also other essential office skills such as management skills, soft skills and English, etc.

For the best achievement of the course, a detail course plan was made by Company’s Training Division, including the selection of lecturer, curriculum as well as timetable and classroom. All learners will have a chance to get absorbed in the classic RUP standard for software development with the curriculum used at IBM and under the instructions of experienced lecturer (who works for IBM as well). Besides the goal to help leaders and senior coders build the shared concepts on system analysis and design for their daily tasks, the course is also hoped to be the basis for implementing internal training courses on analysis and design.

All those participating in the course are either leaders or experienced programmers in the Company. The participants are all very eager with the opportunity to work with and improve their knowledge on analysis and design language with UML. The course will help participants to systematize their understandings on Object Oriented analysis and design, thus, be able to read, understand different analysis and design models as well as directly apply these knowledge on analyzing and designing information systems.

Although there are some obstacles in the course such as learners have varied understanding levels and experience with UML or the content volume to be covered in each lesson is huge, all participants still try their best to research, master and apply the learned knowledge in everyday actual tasks. Additionally, after each lesson, all learners regularly sit back together to discuss and share the covered content. This not only helps learners understand the lesson better but also boosts the information exchanging and knowledge sharing in the Company.

With the core values focusing on Human, Process and Technology, QSoft Vietnam is making sustainable moves in completing its human resources, enhancing technologies and finalizing processes in order to develop a methodical, professional and most effective working environment. Such training courses as UML course will create the essential premises for realizing Company’s strategic plans.

The UML training course is expected to complete by the end of October, 2010.

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