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Offshore Software Projects: See Why Vietnam is the Proven Superstar

Vietnam is an emerging and growing outsourcing destination, especially for companies from APAC countries. APAC countries are predicted to continue their growth in outsourcing offshore software projects. Vietnam is one of the top 10 most promising destinations for these projects.

Offshore Software Projects: Why Choose Vietnam?

There are many reasons to choose Vietnam for your next offshore software project. Here are some of them:


The country has a large and rapidly growing pool of highly skilled talent. In recent years, Vietnam has made significant investments in education and training. Vietnam has a large pool of experienced and educated workers to choose from. According to the International Labour Organization, over half of Vietnam’s population is of working age (15-64 years old), and the literacy rate is around 94%. In addition, Vietnam has a fast-growing number of university graduates – over 1 242 thousand in 2020 alone.


Labor costs in Vietnam are significantly lower than in other outsourcing destinations such as China and India. This makes offshore software projects more affordable for companies on a tight budget. Vietnam also offers services at a fraction of the cost of other popular destinations. In addition, the low cost of living and doing business in Vietnam adds to its attractiveness.


The quality of offshore software projects in Vietnam is on par with that of other countries. In fact, many experts believe that the quality in Vietnam is better than in some other countries.


The Vietnamese government is very supportive of this industry. It offers various incentives to companies that offshore their projects to Vietnam. These incentives include tax breaks, preferential treatment in terms of land use rights, and access to low-cost financing.


Vietnam has a desirable location. Situated in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is a rapidly growing region with a large and growing market.


Vietnam people display admirable friendliness and hospitality. This makes offshore software projects in Vietnam more enjoyable and rewarding for all involved.

Political stability 

Vietnam has been politically stable for over 30 years, and its economy has grown rapidly. This combination of factors has made Vietnam an attractive option.

Vietnam should be high on your list of potential destinations if you consider outsourcing your next offshore software project.

Your Next Offshore Software Project: Why Choose QSoft Vietnam?

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Offshore Software Projects: Vietnam Deserves Your Attention!

Looking for a new place to offshore your next software project? Be sure to give Vietnam a closer look. You might be surprised at what you find! If you’re looking for an offshore software development partner that can deliver quality results, contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss your project and provide a proposal that will excite you!