Digital Transform Platform

Anything to Anything Integration

Our platform connects to and transforms data between ANY legacy systems, SaaS applications, services, and APIs bringing never-seen-before benefits on cost saving, process optimization, speed changes to enterprise. The package includes runtimes for data and service integration, messaging, business process execution, microservices, and analytics.

Connect to Any System

160 + connectors ready for billing & accounting, communication, CRM, e-commerce, education, HRM, IOT, issue tracking & project management, productivity tools, sales & marketing, social media, storage and content management; and the ease of developing custom ones.

Microservice Architecture

The digital transform platform offers the most advanced system architecture - Microservices which empowers your company with ability to adapt quickly to market and competitors. All types of software, programming languages, platform are welcome.

Service & Data Integration

The platform integrates cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-enterprise systems and all types of data stores; Transforms data seamlessly across different formats and transports;

Visual Business Process

Beyond data integration, the platform brings in the visualization for modelling business processes, deploying and managing flows of activities within enterprise.

API Management

Design & Publish APIs

Enable API Discovery

API Proxy

Secure API with Oauth, SAML, IWA

API Microgateway for API governance

API Inside & Monitoring

Identity & Access Management

Single sign-on and
identity federation


Identity governance
and administration

Entitlements and
access control

Monitoring, reporting
and auditing

Integrate with any

Identity & Access Management

Process millions of events
per second in real-time

Adapt to the market faster with
quicker development times

Investigate the past,
predict the future

Manage business rules
and visualize output

Build smarter devices
with edge analytics

Enable insights into
all your systems