How did our client become the first 100% cloud working Travel Agency and Tour Operator?

Executive Summary

The client is the leading Travel Agency and Tour Operator working entirely online using cloud service with more than 500 Consultants, more than 100 thematic portals, operating in 7 countries: US, Italy, Vietnam, Tunisia, Malta, Albania, UK. When they approached QSoft, they wanted to maintain the current system in PHP, and develop new system. Due to the number of users and operators increasing dramatically; in addition, several new features need to be developed as well, the client requested QSoft consult and redesign new system architecture and develop it.

5 Working Months

5/5 User Satisfaction Score

15 Team Size


  • Big system with a lot of modules
  • There are a lot of roles in system with complicated
  • logicThere are many stake holder from the client joining projects

Our Solution

Design system architecture
Propose technical solution with

  • Language: Java, TypeScript
  • Framework: Spring Boot, Liferay Portal, Twister Bootstrap, jQuery
  • Database: Cloud SQL


Delivering a System that meets the client expectations and fulfils the user needs!