Vietnam-based tech team ramp-up

Software development team in Vietnam

We present the best development team within 14 days for your project budget

No matter what technology is required in your project, QSoft can come up with right candidates to form your software development team within 2 weeks. Unlike other software companies or head hunters, we ramp-up your team with pre-vetted members in our pool of talents who were screened and kept track from our growing partners network. QSoft makes sure candidates fit your company's culture, process and project environment and is ultimately responsible for team members' performance when loaded in your project.

We are different from other IT companies

Other software companies
In-house developers

Provide available resources in their company

In-house software developers limitation

Limited number of in-house resources

Software technology stack

Limited with numbers of technology stacks

Software team scale

Cannot help client to scale large and fast

QSoft Vietnam
Hand-picked developers for project requirement

Provide resources to meet job requirements

Network of top software developers

Large pool with 100+ vetted partners in our network

QSoft provides developers for all kinds of technology needs

Whatever technology required we have suitable candidates

QSoft provides fast and effective scaling support

Support client to scale faster and more effectively

We add more values than recruiters

Realistic and attractive job description

Realistic and attractive JD

We have experience in software engineering we understand who will fit each project.

Vetted software developers

Pre-qualified candidates

We have capability to assess skills, mindset and project suitability before submitting candidates.

Well-trained software developers

Resource training

QSoft can train loaded resources to work best with project's standards and processes.

Flexible engagement models with QSoft

Flexible engagement

Since we also provide software development service you can have us to manage your project.

High-commitment software developers

High-committed resources

Submitted candidates comes from our partners and have been well vetted by us.

Save time to develop software

Avoid overhead

We are the party who responsible to all paperwork and overhead hiring resources.

The Advantages of ramping up development team with us

QSoft offers top software engineers

Top Software Engineers

With sophisticated assessment process, we can provide your projects or clients with top rank software developers in Vietnam

Software team built fast

Fastest Ever Team Ramp-up

Accessing to thousands of vetted software developers pool allows QSoft to ramp-up your team in the fastest possible way.

Find suitable developers for projects

Total Requirement Fit

We start the sourcing process with an effective job description development before looking for suitable candidates.

QSoft offers complete service to bring suitable developers on-board

End-to-end service

You can focus on your main business while we screen, interview and load suitable developers for your projects.

Most popular technology stacks we can help

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