Software Outsourcing Development

Your Trusted Software Outsourcing Development Partner

With our expertise and strong commitment towards an effective, trusted and professional IT services provider, QSoft Vietnam did not have to wait long to become one of the leading software outsourcing development company in Vietnam. Our experienced, well-managed and highly competent offshore outsourcing teams have been providing comprehensive, premium and most satisfactory offshore outsourcing services as well as software development and website design services to domestic and international clients.


Outsourcing software development has become the catchword of the day and has come to stay. In the last 14 years, we have worked and helped a variety of organizations ranging from Startups, SMBs, Multinational Group, to Nonprofit Organization and Government and over the world: USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Australia, etc... Client benefits from outsourcing software development to QSoft:

  • Focus on core business
  • Experienced support for IT
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Optimum use of system management & support processes
  • Enriched project management, and service delivery
  • Time saving (for more important tasks)
  • Improved system reliability
  • 24 hours output due to difference in time zones.
  • Flexibility in manpower utilization and reduce HR cost
  • Structured workflows and ample hands-on experience


    QSoft Vietnam always pays the utmost attention to Intellectual Property (IP) protection, which has become indispensable to our long-term development strategy. We are well aware of the importance of IP and effective management of related issues and utilizing all types of intellectual property protection. We have equipped ISO 27000 series to make sure that all confidential information is secured, safe and distributed to the authorized person only.


    Our vast experience allows us to be more than technology provider: we always try to add more our value, help the client to find the best business model with a great ROI. Our business mind is: we don’t just create software, we solve the business problems.


    Transparency is a fundamental part of integrity and is critical to QSoft’s culture. We understand that more transparency means better production and happier clients. Transparency builds trust and trust makes better vendor-client relationships, and definitely, in return, more clients.


    Transparent and logical project management is the key to project success and customer satisfaction. By applying proven, well-known software engineering process and management methodologies such as SCRUM methodology and Agile software development approach; and encouraging multi-roles engagements and giving full commitment, QSoft Vietnam not only gives clients a firm assurance over project fruitful accomplishment but also creates a highly disciplined, effective and professional working processes which make the best out of the employees performance.


    User-centered design is an optimistic approach to invent new solutions. By following this method, our designers deeply understand the folks they’re trying to serve. We identify the people who will use the product and system, what they’ll use it for, and the conditions under which they will use it. From that, we can provide a common language for scientists, stakeholders and end users.


    Strict budget control is embedded in the very roots of our development process. At QSoft, we understand the important and essential to control project costs and deliver high-quality software on time, on budget. While project requirements may change during the project lifecycle, our detailed time and budgetary reporting provide constant transparency, allowing the client to know their financial status of the project at any given point of time. This control enables quick course correction when necessary and helps our clients to make the best decisions for their business.

    Our Engagement Model

    Dedicated team

    Customer can hire a dedicated team who can create, configure, complete the task, join their project as per specific requirement. All efforts and activities will be done by hired developers and time duration will be their. The team members are trained specifically for the projects.


    • Requirements and Scope are defined from a high-level perspective; the software development team can provide a roadmap, a high-level estimate, a suggested team structure
    • The requirements are open and flexible to change
    • The developer work 8 hours per day and 5 days per week
    • Agile and Scrum Methodology
    • Report per 2 weeks
    • Daily Standup meeting
    • Change and replace developer if not suitable
    • Easily increase team size
    • Monthly payment


    • The customer can perform full control and management of the team, determine the workload; assign tasks to developers, etc…
    • Experienced staffs: Individual approach to the personnel selection of specialists, their level of knowledge and understanding of necessary technologies;
    • The remote team solves many time-related issues with the recruitment and hiring of staff, as well as the number of the group, plus you always know the next month’s payments and taxes.
    • Requirements, scope of work, project’s priority can be changed any team

    Team size can be easily scalable

    Suitable For

    • Have a large or long-term project they want to work on
    • Difficult to have an exact scope of work in detail in the beginning stage
    • Prefer to close monitoring of their developers and project progress
    • Need flexibility in extending their existing development teams

    Project Based

    Customer sends QSoft scope of work, detail requirements for the system that you are looking for. Then, we will provide technical solution with estimation for cost and timeline.


    • Scope of work is well defined and clear
    • Scope of work is almost expected no change
    • QSoft provide a fixed cost estimation and time frame
    • Clear delivery timelines and a predictable, focused team
    • Payment follows project schedule
    • Agile and Scrum Methodology


    • Good for small and medium level projects that have well-defined specifications and precise deliverables at the beginning
    • Cost and timeframe are specified, and defined before from the start of the work on project and doesn’t change no matter how many engineers are involved
    • Little supervision is required from the client, all requirements are defined beforehand.
    • Easy to follow the progress

    Suitable For

    • Medium and small project size for Enterprise
    • MVP version for Startup
    • Project specification, requirements, resources & deadlines are clearly defined
    • Technical documentation is already available or properly planned.

    Build, Operation, Transfer

    Under this model, we use our own infrastructure and resources and follow standard processes to deliver the client’s project through a dedicated facility. After the successful completion of the project, we transfer smoothly and seamlessly all to the customer’s premises.


    • QSoft builds the dedicated offshore facility from the scratch.
    • Build: This phase involves setting up of an operation unit which includes everything from the beginning state: setting up buildings, installing infrastructure such as the internet and IT devices, employing staff and putting in place the administration and legal framework.
    • Operate: Setting up working process and managing the offshore project which includes program management, development, maintenance, enhancements and product support.
    • Transfer: project ownership is finally transferred to the client till the client is fully ready to control the project.


    • Save money, avoid the cost and work required to establish a legal entity in that country
    • Eliminate initial overhead costs for administrative, accounting, and legal overhead to establish the team
    • Eliminate recruiting time and expenses to find qualified
    • Help product come to the market faster
    • Minimize the risks
    • Focus on your business and do not worry about IT department
    • Ready resources
    • Rapid scaling

    Suitable For

    • Suitable for customers who can make long-term plans for their development strategy
    • The company wants to build its team in an overseas, low-cost market.
    • But may not have or want to spend, the time or resources needed to establish an office, hire a team, etc.