Bundle of powerful, open-source web-development

LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) is an open source technology used to develop most robust and scalable dynamic web sites and web applications across different industry verticals . LAMP is an open source Web development platform that uses Linux as the operating system, Apache as the Web server, MySQL as the relational database management system and PHP as the object-oriented scripting language. (Sometimes Perl or Python is used instead of PHP.) The LAMP components are largely interchangeable and not limited to the original selection.


Any apps or websites built with this technology will shrink or grow with the demands being placed on it.

Platform independent

Work on a variety of operating systems (OS), including Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Lots of freedom and control

Easy to customize to meet the requriement of client. Coding process is transparant

Highly secure

The robust Linux architecture ensures secured and safe web development

Fast development

Can be developed quickly, thanks to the ready availability of open source libraries and frameworks that reduce coding times (and costs).

Large Community

Hundred thousand of developers and many ready made libruary to support

We are offering

Scalable, robust and large scale enterprise application development
LAMP Server Development
Custom LAMP web application development
LAMP Application Maintenance and Support Services
LAMP Application Porting and Migration
B2B and B2C web-based Applications

We are familiar to common frameworks

Why should work with us in Lamp project

14 years of experience in Lamp development

With PHP certified developers and professionals on board, our PHP team is competent at crafting compelling applications with maintainable and secured code. Huge code library is accumulated in the last 14 years ready in house to save time and cost in development.

In-Depth Domain Expertise

Our PHP team is built up with 40+ engineers, including senior developers with the experience of 10-15 years. With over 250+ PHP projects delivered successfully in several domains: healthcare, e-commerce, logistic, banking, etc... we are ready to assist you.

Certified PHP Developers & Professionals

Our dedicated PHP developers use highly professional approach and strictly follow coding guidelines and standards to deliver quality projects on time.

Agile Methodologies

With all Lamp projects supervised by certified scrum masters, we ensure the readiness of your project to quickly embrace change entailed by new market demands.

Security Confirmation

QSoft Vietnam always pays the utmost attention to Intellectual Property (IP) protection, which has become indispensable to our long-term development strategy by applying ISO 27000 Series, GDPR compliance, CMMi level 3 Standard

Flexible Engagement Model

Have been working with several types of project from starting new one or upgrading or maintaining current system, QSoft provides flexible engagement models and could collaborate with a customized model focusing on your specific business requirements.