IT Resources For Hire

IT Resources For Hire

We assist you in the most challanging and important component of your successful business - people

World-Class Expertise Perfectly Matched for Your Business

No matter what business you’re in, success is only possible if you have the right people in the right jobs. We can help you find the optimum workforce solution, giving you access to talented employees when you need them. Our valued clients benefit from our pool of top talent, built over 13 years with relationship-centered networking.

We are different from IT recruiters, headhunters and other IT companies

IT Recruiters, Headhunter, IT Companies

They only find POTENTIAL candidates as
CVs they have in house

After finding POTENTIAL candidates, they try to
encourage them to apply

They rely on their capability and in
house staffs

Their engagement model is only to
find candidates.

IT Recruiters, Headhunter, IT Companies

As 13 years experience in IT industry, we know exactly
who is SUITABLE for our client's projects

Our services covers planning, job descriptioning, recruit-
ing, training, performance and match assessment, player
substitution, etc

We have strong and large network not only in Vietnam
but also in other countries to create an elsactic pool of

We offers flexible engagement model, to ase of
temporary resources needed for a specific project or to
build a whole IT division, operate them and transfer when
at full productivity

We Help You Scale Your Business With Dedicated
Software Development Teams

Qualified IT Resources

Staff to be qualified, allocated and trained
specifically for your projects.

Working Hours

They work as your IT staffs, 8 working hours per day, 5 days per week

Agile/Scrum Model

All our staffs are familiar with Agile/Scrum methodology

Project Management

Tool: Jira, Trello, etc Stand-up morning meeting Report per week

Replace Developer

Client can freely change developers if they are not suitable

Information Security and Auditing

ISO 27001 comliance, CMMI level 3 GDPR compiance, IP Protection Process

Continuous Training

We allow our employees to sharpen their skills frequently by 30 mins training every day.

Minimum Commitment

Minimum 2 full resource in the team. Minimum term 6 months contract.


Monthly payment

The Advantages of working with our dedicated team

Top Software Expertise

With a large and various network, QSoft Vietnam could provide the different types of qualifications and specifications.

Cost And Time Saving

Run a team without hiring, hardware & software, certifications or infrastructure costs


Client Quickly and Easily​ Add or Remove​ staffs to​​ their team.

Transparency and Efficiency

Up to date with all the details of the project and have the full control as well as priority.

Technologies we are covering

Hire a creative tech team