Traveling tips and info and sell their uploads tips

Executive Summary

- All user can upload tours and tips for traveling
- Uploader can earn point (money) if their tour is bought
- System integrated with the in-App purchase and Strip payment
- Download tour to view offline
- Admin manage users and their earning and Payment
- Admin can manage tour, report, ban

15 Working Months

5 Team Size

5/5 User Satisfaction Score

The Screenshots


  • In this project we integrated with the 3rd party payment gateway (Stripe) for both user payment and pay commission for tour uploader all over the world with different required for money transfer.
  • Further more, we work with a 3rd party for communication, the team is not direct talk to the end-customer

Our Solutions

  • QSoft has the process of carefully record the changes throughout the project.
  • Moreover, we prepared the requirements, wireframe and design well in advance so the 3rd party has more time to understand and confirm with end-customer

Mobile App: React Native
Programing language: Javascript
Framework: React


  • We have managed to release the product to the end-customer successfully.
  • This product meets client exclusive needs and objective.