Technical Skills

More than 700 successful projects

During 13 years of operation, QSoft has been working with and being qualified by hundreds of clients all over the world. More than 700 projects have been successfully delivered. These projects play an important role in supporting corporate clients in their daily operation. The application of latest complicated technical solutions, are conducted through a careful research process.

LAB Room

Our labs have test environments that can be configured to simulate the user environment to ensure products' quality after implementation. We also research and apply latest technologies into business continuously

30 minutes of training everyday

QSoft always spend 30 minutes everyday on training and updating new technologies in order to facilitate knowledge sharing among staff. QSoft staff works 8 hours 30 minutes from Monday to Friday.

Technology highlight board

Every difficulties and challenges in each projects are written on Technology Highlight Board so that staff can sign-up for solving problems and get rewards. The technology highlight board helps us much in solving technical problems and enhancing knowledge-sharing culture

Starter kit, code library

Referabilty to starter kit and code library is a big advantage to any projects. It helps reduce the cost and the defects. Starter kit and code library are contributed from company experts.

Variety of technology stacks

Google, Amazon, Microsoft 's Cloud Service

Big data

Artificial Intelligence

Internet Of Things (IOT)


Map, Location Services

Different Coding Languages

Java, .NET, C, C++

PHP, Ruby, Python

Javascript, NodeJS

iOS Mobile (Objective C, Swift)

Java Android