Human Resources

High-Quality Human Resources

Unlike other industries, human resource plays a crutial role in technology industry, where the success or lack of success is directly attributed to talent. QSoft được tuyển chọn, đào tạo và đánh giá dựa trên những tiêu chí khắt khe để tìm ra những nhân lực đem lại giá trị cao nhất trong mỗi sản phẩm của khách hàng.

Passionate Employees

Every work in this field requires talent, Passion, accuracy, and precision This work is only suitable for employees who can bring their best to work, possess a desire to continuously improve, and driven to do their best

Strong background knowledge

Even though technology changes day by day, IT engineers's background knowledge about system, network, architecture, and programming is a key element of success to them. We value employees who have strong background knowledge because they possess high potential to acquire

Keep learning and moving forward

Nowadays, the technology world is changing fast. Therefore, human resources in IT industry need to equip themselves with high English proficiency, keep learning and moving forward day by day in order to keep up with the changing pace.

Professionality and customer-oriented

As a service-provider, we consider customers as the most important factor to our success. Apart from background knowledge the working attitude and customer 's value-driven are core elements for QSoft to treat customers better

Worldwide human resources

QSoft hires employees from a variety of backgrounds, race, gender, age, or religion Giving employees the opportunity to work with people who bring different skills and views to the table helps them recognize that everyone is important for different reasons. Feeling valued improves the morale of each worker and promotes positivity in the workplace.

Employee Selection Process

Keep learning and moving forward

Background knowledge assessing

Attitude and Ability Test

Professional Integration

Probationary Period Evaluation

Officially recruited

Detailed training, Clear work assessment

Clear Job Description

Detailed work target

Continuously monitoring

Periodically work assessment

Self-development plan

Put right person on board