Quality is the FIRST Priority

Letter Q in QSoft stands for Quality. In QSoft, the development of even the smallest software necessarily includes quality assurance. Quality is always placed the greatest importance and first priority at QSoft Vietnam. In order to ensure the successful accomplishment of projects, we at QSoft Vietnam share the motto that "Success is a journey and not a destination", which means improvement of quality process is infinite, and marked only by milestones, never by completion. Our quality definition is:

Easy to used, and frequently used

An usable product is a product that its users can feel the benefit of using it. A good product is a product that can make its users to love it. We are at QSoft always listen to the end-users's feedback and striving hard to create product that can be used by any one. Our users love our products because of simplicity but being modern and smart.

Complete and working

Not all the features of a software bring value to the users. Together with the customer, we select the features that are really meaningful to users and put all our effort and care to make it perfect. As the core functions are working completely, more and more features will be added to improve the user experience and capability of the software.

Stability and Scalability

Large software system requires a lot of care on system high availability, stability and being able to scale during the designing and implementation process. We base our solutions on well-known design patterns from the large enterprises which were invented to solve these problem. Microservices architecture is one of our favourite for enterprise system.

Safe and Secured

A system itself when running online exposes a lot of risk from beeing stolen of information. In conformation to ISO27001:2013, we have processes and checklists to validate the software development and operation process to keep the software safe from those threats. Reusing of well-debugged modules or frameworks can also be a great help.

Quality Assurance Standards

Specific Measurements

In compliance with standards

Quality assurance from day one

Minimum leakage bugs

Thoroughly bugs fixing

Continuous improvement

Quality Assurance Processes

Fagan Inspection

Testing Process

ISO27001:2013 standards set

ISO 9001:2015 standards set

Measurement Process

Improvement Process