Quality Management

Quality is always placed the greatest importance and first priority at QSoft Vietnam. In order to ensure the successful accomplishment of projects, we at QSoft Vietnam share the motto that "Success is a journey and not a destination", which means improvement of quality process is infinite, and marked only by milestones, never by completion. Software Quality Management thus, has the final and decisive say on the success or failure of any software project.

Committed to bringing the premium and most satisfactory services to clients, QSoft Vietnam maintains a strict, rigorous and comprehensive software quality assurance through suitable policies, clear and standardized processes, thorough testings, all performed by well trained, highly skilled and professional QA staffs.


To ensure the smooth operations of projects, QSoft Vietnam has set forth a number of polices namely the software development regulations, project management regulation, other regulations and principles regarding communication, project documentation, etc., which acts as the top guidelines in any development stages from initiation, execution to closing. We also design and provide special training courses to QA staffs for best software quality management.


Together with the polices, our software quality management is also assured by standard development processes. Our process follows complete PDCA guidelines (Plan-Do-Check-Act) to make sure that every single thing is well-planned and implemented. For comprehensive quality assurance, the processes applied at QSoft Vietnam cover the thorough project phases from requirements taking, requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing and delivery.

Testing and Inspections

QSoft Vietnam assures all engineering processes are QA passed; all deliveries are well-tested against defects, and conformed to the requirement specifications. We have got years of experience in software testing which highlights the capability to perform both manual as well as automated testing, ability to handle open source technologies as well as commercial tools and expertise in using a wide range of tools for defect tracking, automation and test management.

Below are some of the basic software testings performed at QSoft Vietnam in all and every project:

  • Functional Testing and System Testing validate an application or web site conformation to its specifications and correctly performs all its required functions.
  • Usability Testing validates product usage from the end-user's point of view. We never release any products that are not beyond our expectations.
  • Coding Standards Review is typically based on development framework or corporate standards of our customers.
  • The following non-functional tests may be performed based on agreements with the client:
    • Performance, Load, Stress Testings
    • Compatibility and Scalability Testing Verification of application behavior across different hardware and software configurations (operating systems, browsers, network connections) that have been defined in the software requirements document.
    • Database Performance Analysis - Monitoring of database activity, checking all queries and transactions between a Web application and database server; identifying where and why transactions may be performing slowly.

QA Team

Our QA team is independent to software engineering divisions. As quality management requires constantly improved policies and processes, it also requires a skilled, dynamic and constantly updated people, who quickly master new technologies, processes in order to maintain the smooth development operations.
QSoft Vietnam has the personnels to perform process controllers (PQA) and product quality controllers (Tester and SQA). PQA makes sure everything run as standard process while Tester seek defects and fault; SQA stands on client's shoes to make sure it is to specifications.

Clients' involvement

QA operations require the involvement of lots of people. At QSoft Vietnam, we have got the participation of the utmost important subject in any development process, e.g, the client. Through the QMS client's interface, our client can see process goes, checklist passed and items well tested. Quality is at their hands

With solid and established software quality management, QSoft Vietnam is sharing the confidence with our customers in terms of quality assurance. If you choose QSoft, you are worry-free!


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