Comfortable and secured infrastructure for reliable production

Located in a peaceful conner at the center of Hanoi - capital city of Vietnam, QSoft Vietnam is equipped with the most advanced and professional IT infrastructure to ensure optimal productivity, reliability and security.

As a professional software development and website design company, QSoft Vietnam is well aware of the importance of service availability and core business continuity in promoting reputation as well as optimize the corporate performance. QSoft Vietnam infrastructure is designed to achieve excellence and quality work, focusing on cross-platform application development, Linux application development and hand-held application development. Our staff work under comfortable and spacious offices, equipped with modern and high-performance servers and PCs, stable power supply, best network connections, etc.

Smart network connections consisting of different leased lines and redundant lines provided by different network providers also give us confidence in our service reliability and scalability. Our innovative infrastructure environment allows us to work seamlessly on different projects at the same time while still ensures the best achievable results.

Additionally, maintaining a secured environment for IT workers is also among the top priority at QSoft Vietnam. Within physical aspect, Our building is under supervision 24 hours a day by security guards. Moreover, active camera surveillance system further enhances the safety and security. In term of system security, we employ the best and most up-to-date virus protection solution to ensure a threat-free environment for software and web developments.

Below is a brief description of our infrastructure:

The security setup includes

  • Security guards controlled building access
  • Video surveillance
  • Fire protection
  • Finger prints checkin/checkout and access to different areas
  • Peripheral device disabling

Our infrastructure includes:

  • Internet redundancy
  • Communication redundancy
  • Scalable Network Architecture and Systems
  • Scalable Cabling Design
  • Network Security (Firewall Protection)
  • Latest Workstations (Intel P4 Machines & higher, LCD 19" monitors)
  • High-End Servers (4 Intel Xeon Servers)
  • Licensed Software for .NET application development and Ubuntu for all others
  • Real Time Virus Protection
  • Regular Data Backup
  • Disaster Management
  • Regular Preventive Maintenance on Operating systems and Software
  • 24/7/365 Power Availability
  • Comprehensive Intranet for Project Management, Customer Relationship Management and Internal Office communication and knowledge sharing

QSoft Vietnam has a comprehensive physical security setup that ensures all project documents, data and services are secured and protected at all time. We are best-equipped for your success!


Events & Activities

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    Jan 12, 2011 After 5 years of development, QSoft Vietnam has always been consistent with its core values, though flexibly adjusted with market changes to attain today initial success. Founded in 2005 with only 6 members ...
  • New office design approved!

    Sep 22, 2010 Our new office designs have been approved by the Board of Management. We will be there in December 2010. Exterior design Reception Lobby Guest room Meeting room Second and four floor Third floor
  • UML and OOP analysis and design training course for software engineers

    Sep 14, 2010 On August 23, 2010, the training course on system analysis and design using Unified Modeling Language (UML) was officially kicked off at QSoft Vietnam. UML is the standard language that enables modeling information systems promptly ...
  • QSoft Idol: Work hard, play...harder!

    Aug 02, 2010 On July 31, a fun, splendid and impressive singing contest so-called QSoft Idol took place at Hai Long Restaurant, Tran Thanh Tong street, Hanoi. With the motto "Work hard, play hard", QSoft Vietnam frequently organizes ...


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