Allowing user to upload video/film script to take part in the contest.

Executive Summary

It is a community platform built to create a fair film production ecosystem by providing the required environment, such as production equipments, human resources and funds.
- Upload video/document file to join the contest.
- Download submission to evaluate
- Connect other members into the submission/project
- Have many opportunities to join the contest if user have many ideas

5 Working Months

5/5 User Satisfaction Score

6 Team Size

The Screenshots


  • Saving many files (video+document file) in the database

Our Solutions

  • Give advice and suggestions to the Customer about server information that can be saved smoothly in order to give users good experience.

Language: Node JS, Javascript
Framework: Express JS, React JS, Redux
Database: PostgreSQL


  • Consult and orient the product deployment plan for customers
  • Finish project within the scheduled timetable & budget
  • Product meets client’s exclusive needs & objectives