How did our client become the first 100% cloud working Travel Agency and Tour Operator?

Executive Summary

- Tour information management system
- Information management system of travel agents
- Manage customer information for booking tours
- CMS management
- Processing tour data sent to the accountant
- Data statistics of agents
- Connect with social networking systems

3,8 Years Months

5/5 User Satisfaction Score

15 Team Size

The Screenshots


  • The ecosystem has been being developed for 10 years by many developers.
  • The business is complex with many rules which are not fully documented; therefore, it’s difficult for the development team to check the rules.
  • Moreover, there are many working flows among teams and departments.
  • The documents are not well noted and written in Italian.

Our Solutions

  • Development team study carefully all the tasks related to business and technical issues.
  • Define the person who is in charge of providing documents for the team
  • After any tasks completed, team will note and write the full documents to support the other teams can check.
  • Request the documents in the system to be well updated so team can get the latest documents

Language: PHP
Framework: Symfony
Database: PostgreSQL


  • Build products and features to meet the needs of customers
  • Products have high stability, easy to use, convenient