Data Management for Clinic Systems

Data management for clinic systems in Singapore

Executive Summary

1. Clinic Management Dashboard
- Doctor and Staff Data Management
- Patient Data Management for Clinic
- Patient's Shared Medical & Bio Data between Clinics
- Booking and Appointment Management System
2. Doctor's Mobile App
- Mobile App serving for medical examination process of Doctor
- Appointment arrangement system for Doctors
- Direct Chat Bot System for Patient & Doctor
3. Patient's Mobile App
- Booking Clinic and Doctor - Viewing Mecial and Bio Data"

6 Working Months

5/5 User Satisfaction Score

14 Team Size

The Screenshots


– Challenge 1: As Singapore’s law, all mediation records of patients must be keep in security at highest level. Any kind of leaking data will be heavily punished.
– Challenge 2: The app for doctors must help doctors to quick note directly on mediation record of patient. Besides, he/she can review the old notes of other doctors or themselves on patient’s mediation record

Our Solutions

– Challenge 1: Using MongoDB and encrypt method in combination with security methods from AWS to store and keep security of the records.
– Challenge 2: Integrate Canvas technology to help Doctor to quick note (by drawing) on the record. Besides, new notes of doctors will be saved as new version of records.

Tech stack: NodeJS, React, React-Native
Framework: Node JS, React JS, Redux, Redux-Thunk, Firebase, FacebookSDK,
Google SDK, VS Code, Socket
Database: MongoDB


– Finish project within the scheduled timetable & budget
– Product meets client’s exclusive needs & objectives
– Build long term relationship with customer