A Realtime Serverless App for IVR system using React Native with firebase database.

Executive Summary

Client is a provider of mobile, communication and communications services. They have over 40 employees and is growing. Together with a nationwide retail network, they traded around 180 million kroner in 2016. Client requested QSoft Vietnam to build a Realtime Serverless App for their IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system using React Native with firebase database.

5 Working Months

5/5 User Satisfaction Score

15 Team Size

The Screenshots


  • App(web) is Serverless, so we have to do a lot optimizations for app, web and database structure to improve performance.
  • Diffirent timezone(we are 5 hours ahead) making communications hard. Sometimes causing misunderstandings, lacking information from both sides.
  • Self study polymer project, nodejs, SIP platform, WebRTC-SIP gateway

Our Solution

Design system architecture

Propose technical solution with

  • React Native
  • Web RTC
  • Firebase


Delivering a System that meets the client expectations and fulfils the user needs!