A Realtime Serverless App

A Realtime Serverless App for IVR system using React Native with firebase database.

Executive Summary

Client is a provider of mobile, communication and communications services. They have over 40 employees and is growing. Together with a nationwide retail network, they traded around 180 million kroner in 2016. Client requested QSoft Vietnam to build a Realtime Serverless App for their IVR system using React Native with firebase database.

5 Working Months

5/5 User Satisfaction Score

15 Team Size

Testimonial from Client?

QSoft Vietnam is an absolute pleasure to work with. They promptly did exactly as instructed, demonstrated an agile and smart approach to their designs and made multiple changes in no time. We thus, never fell behind the schedule in any stage of project revolution and were well assured of the satisfiable work quality. All individuals I worked with were very friendly, professional and spoke excellent English. Another selling point that deeply impressed me is QSoft Vietnam's charging policy. The outsourcing rate given by QSoft Vietnam is very competitive. We will definitely hire them again and again.

Sue Anderson

The Screenshots


  • App(web) is Serverless, so we have to do a lot optimizations for app, web and database structure to improve performance.
  • Diffirent timezone(we are 5 hours ahead) making communications hard. Sometimes causing misunderstandings, lacking information from both sides.
  • Self study polymer project, nodejs, SIP platform, WebRTC-SIP gateway

Our Solution

Design system architecture

Propose technical solution with

  • React Native
  • Web RTC
  • Firebase


Delivering a System that meets the client expectations and fulfils the user needs!