Custom ecommerce and e-store website development

Empowered by Custom Website Design, Ecommerce Website Design in QSoft Vietnam inherits all best features of a system that gears to the actual business process. However, Ecommerce Website Design is treated as a different category of website design in QSoft Vietnam because we pay much more attention to it as its nature - transaction related business.

Is Ecommerce Website an Online Store?

The answer is both YES and NO

We treat an Ecommerce Website is a website that support online payment transaction. It can be an online store, or an auction website or membership website which member has to buy membership via online payment system.

Ecommerce Website Design requires more and more work than Custom Website Design.

What is our approach in Ecommerce Website Design?

Our successful Ecommerce Website Design bases on following steady criteria:

  • Ecommerce Website Design must analyze how to attract the potential customers to browse products and services on the website once they find it,
  • Ecommerce Website Design must increase the conversion rate by urging visitors to buy products and services when they browse the website,
  • Ecommerce Website Design must help customer to buy products by simple quick steps and to manage their purchases,
  • Ecommerce Website Design must help administration staff to manage the catalog easily,
  • Ecommerce Website Design must help sales manager and staff to make sales and marketing decision to improve the sales result,
  • Ecommerce Website Design must help administrator to manage the website at ease, keep it in security and stablity.

What type of store can QSoft Vietnam provide in Custom Ecommerce Website Design?

We can provide different types of Ecommerce Website Design for different ecommerce businesses

  • Online store Ecommerce Website Design for florist ecommerce, venetian blinds and curtain ecommerce, commodity ecommerce, restaurant and food ordering ecommerce businesses.
  • Online auction system,
  • Membership subscription business and Community website,
  • Middle-man businesses such as renting and real-estate,
  • And whatever a transaction related business.

What Ecommerce or online store core does QSoft Vietnam utilize?

As an offshore outsourcing development company, we can work with 99.9% of all frameworks. We can also develop an ecommerce store from scratch basing on our famous Website Engine. Most popular engines that our clients require are:

  • Magento commerce
  • Zencart
  • OSCommerce
  • Stomper commerce
  • Digistore
  • Prestashop
  • Ubercart
  • And of our own proven engine

What have made us successful on Ecommerce Website Design?

QSoft Vietnam stands on the shoes of 3 parties in the business system while carries on Ecommerce Website Design. We listen to the business owner for their ecommerce business nature and understand his core requirement - increasing his sales and making more profit in stablity and security. We listen to the changes in the consumer behavior to adapt our Ecommerce Website Design to that and get higher sales conversion rate. We listen to the business staff to offer them user-friendly, business based interaction to the system. That is what has built up our success on Ecommerce Website Design.

Why Else Would You Choose QSoft Vietnam for Ecommerce Website Design?

At QSoft Vietnam we charge you once for the custom Ecommerce Website Design and then it is yours. This is unlike many other ecommerce websites that charge a monthly fee for as long as your site is open, and then that fee may well increase as your sales rise.

QSoft Vietnam is extremely proud of its very high reputation in customer service. And we can assure you that our Ecommerce Website Designers will give your project their undivided attention whilst they are developing the best possible ecommerce website for your business.



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